Photography Spotlight: Surfing the Waves in the Outer Banks

Two of my biggest loves are photography and the beach. During our honeymoon in the Outer Banks, my husband and I decided to venture to Jeannette's Pier in Nags Head to capture some surfers soaking up the sun and riding the waves, which were larger than usual due to Hurricanes Irma and Maria swirling off the coast.

For a mere $2 admission fee, I was able to wander the pier and scout the best spots to zoom in on the action. Here are a few of my best shots. Enjoy!

OBX_surf_September 22, 2017_web_01.jpg
OBX_surf_September 22, 2017_web_02.jpg
OBX_surf_September 22, 2017_web_03.jpg
OBX_surf_September 22, 2017_web_04.jpg
OBX_surf_September 22, 2017_web_05.jpg
OBX_surf_September 22, 2017_web_06.jpg