destination photography


Kindness Matters at Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park

With my camera in tow, I visited Mattie J.T. Stepanek Park yesterday. In his peace garden, there are beautiful bricks with inspiring messages dedicated to Mattie's message of peace.

I took some photos of a few of the bricks, as well as some of the tiles, tables, and benches to capture textures. Once I got home and downloaded the images, I decided to combine the words and textures in Photoshop to create a beautiful graphic. The message that is the most impactful to me personally is "Kindness Matters." We need more kindness in the world, and it's something that every one of us can make an effort to display each day to make a positive impact on humanity. It only takes one small gesture of kindness to make a difference.

I used a heart graphic I designed for a different project in Illustrator and brought it into Photoshop. Using selection tools, layer masks, gradients, overlays, hue/saturation adjustment layers, and more, I added and manipulated the "Kindness Matters" message and some of the textures I captured with my camera to make this beautiful graphic. Let it be a message today to be kind to one another.